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Universal 3D Chess V1.10
  • Real time 3D Gameplay
  • Real time 3D board manipulation
  • Video Export, create video in a few minutes without losing a frame and whatever your computer is (powerfull or not !)
  • Internet Database
  • GTP Support
  • Massive rendering technology
  • Multi Language (English, Spanish, French ...)
  • File explorer include in the 3D view and in the user interface
  • Real Time Game Array (with standard and advanced features)
  • Real Time game information update
  • Advanced render options
  • Management of window games in mosaic, horizontal, vertical...
  • Level Of Details 2D and 3D (LOD)
  • On the fly 2D/3D scene update
  • Real time game explorer
  • Game tree with advanced features (management and render)
  • Advanced game informations (with error browser)
  • Advanced 2D Options : Board position, opacity (transparency) , size...
  • Advanced 3D Options : Many types of camera, light, markers...
  • Specific options for each game type : For go game, many wood type... For chess, piece type...
  • System options (Low CPU usage, display fps ...)
  • Full Screen Support (For demos, show ...)
  • SGF File format support

U3DC is a 2D/3D editor for the game of Go, Chess, Shogi, Xiangqi... For the moment, only go is present in this software.

If you want to :
- Ask for a new feature or send a bug report
- Be an official translator
Then please contact us at the following adress
  • V1.10
            - Add GTP support
            - Play against any gtp bot with custom time settings
            - AI Database with custom options
            - Stone shading and texturing
            - Custom board features (line size, dot size, ...)
            - Separate 2D and 3D View
            - Swap position of 3D view, comments, game info ...
            - 3D Backgrounds
            - New clever camera
            - New 3D Markers (Energy and Storm)
            - Clone a game while playing, the new game can be modify/commented
              while the other is playing (automatic update of moves in the cloned game)
  • V1.04
- 3D Engine now works faster on old graphic cards.
- Bug correction with full screen
- Delete file browser in 3D view
  • V1.03
- Add Internet database support, GTL (the Go Teaching Ladder) is the first database to join us, welcome !
- Fast menu selection (with new icons)
- Bug corrections (ALT+F4 was not working properly, a few other minor bugs)
  • V1.02
- Add Video Export Feature : Now video creation is very easy, just in a few clicks and Whatever your computer is (strong or not), the result will be at least 25Fps.
- Add Massive rendering technology : Render lots of games at the same time.
- Add Very Low level of details
- Bug corrections
- A few other options
  • V1.01
- Add a title bar to the main 3D view with short cut to functions (Next/Prev games, Full screen, Edit  game info...)
- New file format decoding, now able to load image in jpg, png, tga, gif, tiff, bmp, pict, psd, ps ...
- Drag feature to move the menu with your mouse if the screen is not big enought
- Interface is more easy to use and more reactive
- New dialog box when quitting the program
- New game list style
- Borders between games
- Add board tag
- Game informations editing tool
- Conversion of an image to a game (GO) works not so badly now (but still experimental)
- Bug corrections in SGF file format
- Many minor bug corrections
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U3DC Video Export Feature in action
Check this page for more informations
  • Real Time 3D Gameplay
  • Internet Database support
  • GTP Support for AI Engines
  • Video Export : .avi in all size (Bluray, HDTv, DVD, Webvideo...) and any format (DivX, XVid, x264...)
  • Massive rendering : to display a large number of games at the same time
  • Chipset 3D Auto detection : Detect the best options of your graphic card and use them
  • Full Screen Support
Main Features
  • Multi Language (More languages)
  • Counting score with assistant
  • Sounds
  • What about an IGS Client ?
  • Advanced options for AI engines settings ?
  • More 3D Backgrounds ?
  • Any other idea ... Send an email ! ^_^
Things to do ...