I’ve started this project a few years ago to teach go to children. I wanted to write a program that replay go games in 3D and nothing more. So I took the 3D Engine I was working on and used it to write the first release. But very quicly i saw that I could write something with very cute visual effects like complex camera movements, nice shading and lighting etc… So I took a few months to write it during my free time.

The goal was very clear : Play chess, go, shogi, xiangqi etc… At the same time in the same program, localy or online. I started with go just because i’m a go player. Now this project is running well for Go. I just need to add online games. And more funny features. Enjoy !

DOWNLOAD Universal 3D Chess (Hosted by Sunxi.com)


SunXi Go Screen Saver will replay go games in 2D and 3D. Many options are available, choose your favorite games and watch them forever !

DOWNLOAD Go Screen Saver (Hosted by Sunxi.com)


This particle Screen Saver shows the power of SunXi 3D animation engine. Many different 3D scenes are available. You can modify the number of particles in each scene. Many other options are also available (display fps, fps limitation, display time...)

DOWNLOAD Particle screen saver (Hosted by Sunxi.com)